About Us

About Cold Stone Creamery

For more than 25 years we’ve served up the finest, freshest ice cream, cakes, smoothies and shakes using only the highest quality ingredients, and of course, our signature process of preparing your custom ice cream creation on a frozen granite stone. Learn more about us at the links below!

Ice Creams

Don't just say ice cream, say Cold Stone Creamery!

Hope you got the memo? The word ice cream has been traded for Cold Stone Creamery! Several years of search for the perfect ice cream led to the creation of the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience by our founders, Donald and Susan Sutherland in 1988.

The opening of the first store in Tempe Arizona began the evolution of Ice cream in the world. When ordinary ice cream isn't enough, when you crave something more, when you want a work of art and not just a dessert......you know you need some Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream.

So good we had to bring it to Nigeria

As a restaurant group on a mission to become the premier food operator in Africa, Eat 'N' Go saddled itself with the responsiblity of bringing Cold Stone Creamery's Super Premium ice cream to Nigeria. Since the opening of our first store in 2012 till date, we have continued to offer Nigerians the very best of treats.

What We are All About

If it has anything to do with ice cream, it has everything to do with Cold Stone Creamery. From unique ice cream creations to yogurt, smoothies, cakes and shakes - nobody serves up the ultimate indulgence like Cold Stone. It starts with using the highest quality ingredients and ends with our signature process for preparing your custom creation on a frozen granite stone.